The Highland Lake Association (HLA) has established itself as a leader in watershed education and water monitoring efforts. This volunteer-run organization was formed in 1989.

The HLA Water Quality Committee collects lake water quality data, conducts aquatic vegetation surveys; HLA distributes newsletters and educational information to all watershed households, and has partnered with the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District in conservation projects for eight years now.

The first summer camps appeared around 1900 on Highland Lake, a lake less than 12 miles from Portland, Maine. There are now more than 500 residences around the lake shore and more than 900 within the watershed.

The area around the dam (Duck Pond corner) served as the industrial center to residential settlement dating back to the late 1700s. The site served as a rag mill as well as a lumber mill.

HLA is proud to maintain the lake’s history and dedication to pure enjoyment in pure water! 

HLA welcomes residents along the shoreline and beyond to join in our efforts to keep Highland Lake at its best!

If you are interested in being a partner with HLA to protect and improve our lake, use the "Become a Partner" link in the left Sidebar on this page