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Highland Lake Leadership Team Meeting Minutes December 18, 2017

posted Mar 16, 2018, 2:27 PM by Joseph Bickard

Highland Lake Leadership Meeting Minutes

December 18, 2017




Attendance List and Emails:

Kimberly Darling, Falmouth


Rosie Hartzler, HLA


Tom Peterson, Windham


Tony Plante, Windham


Dennis Brown, HLA


Jeff Dennis—Maine DEP


Chantal Scott –HLA


Gretchen Anderson--Windham


Nancy Lightbody, Falmouth


John Mackinnon, HLA


Kim White, HLA


Heather True, CCSWCD


Robyn Saunders, CCSWCD


Nathan Poore, Falmouth



Absent:  Donna Chapman                                                                                       Donnachapman@windhammaine.us



Agenda items:


·       Welcome and introduction of new members

·       Review and accept past meeting minutes

Minutes from prior meetings are being considered “notes”. Going forward minutes will be taken and shared with the chair of the Leadership Team for review and sent out to the larger group prior to the next meeting.

·       Elect a Chairperson and Vice Chair

Dennis Brown was nominated and elected Chairperson of the Highland Lake Leadership Team.

Kim White was nominated and elected Vice Chair and Chantal Scott will assist the Vice Chair as needed

·       Subcommittees, members and assigned town staff liaisons:

1. Ordinance Review—Jeff Dennis(DEP), Kim White, Chantal Scott, John Mackinnon, Dennis Brown, Kimberly Darling, Tony Plante

o   CHAIR: John Mackinnon

Assigned town staff liaisons: Falmouth and Windham Planning Departments 

2. Education and Outreach (formally “roads/residents”)—Nancy Lightbody, Rosie Hartzler, Chantal Scott, Nathan Poore, Tony Plante, Dennis Brown, Kimberly Darling, Wendy Garland and Tom Peterson

o   CHAIR: Nancy Lightbody

Assigned town staff liaisons: Gretchen Anderson, Windham and Kimberly Darling, Falmouth

ü  Public Forum Members—Gretchen Anderson, Kimberly Darling, Rosie Hartzler, Chantal Scott, Nancy Lightbody and Wendy Garland

ü  CHAIR:  Rosie Hartzler

o   *The public forum group is a subset of the Education and Outreach Committee.

3.Watershed Survey  (managed by HLA)— Rosie Hartzler, Chantal Scott, Kim White, John MacKinnon, Pete Simonson, Donna Pennoyer, Keith Williams, Heather True (project manager),

CO-CHAIRS: Rosie Hartzler and Kim White

Assigned town staff liaisons: Gretchen Anderson, Windham and Kimberly Darling, Falmouth

ACTION ITEM: Each of the three subcommittees shall hold a meeting in the first half of January to establish a charge, identify scope of work with a timeline to accomplish the scope.  This should be presented to the HLLT at the next scheduled meeting of January 17.  It was suggested that CCSWCD would not be needed at the initial subcommittee meetings since those meetings would be essentially administrative, and the real value that CCSWCD brings would be most appreciated as the committees dig into their respective details.

The Watershed Survey/Action/Management Plan

May 19th will be actual survey date.  HLA will get together with CCSWCD to continue to work out specific roles and responsibilities.


Science and Water Quality Members

Keith Williams—HLA, Dr. Karen Wilson—USM, Jeff Dennis—Maine DEP, Gretchen Anderson—Town of Windham, Linda Bacon-Maine DEP, Don Kretchmer, Rosie Hartzler—HLA, Kimberly Darling—Town of Falmouth, Heather True—CCSWCD, Tom Peterson—Windham,  Jeff Dennis also suggested two additional Maine DEP members, Aria Amerbahman and Steve Norton

NOTE:  This committee is an HLA subcommittee and it should be discussed how and if it should be integrated into the HLLT at the meeting on Jan. 17.




·       Town managers refreshed the group on the freedom of access laws and meeting policy.


·       The HLLT finalized and accepted the CCSWCD scope of work.  A cover letter will be drafted by the Towns to confirm the contract scope as approved.


·       The HLA is changing it’s website to include a wide range of information on the Lake as well as a central repository of the work of the HLLT.  The intention is to provide links to/from the Town websites as well as that of CCSWCD.



·       Dates for the next two meetings and locations

January 17 Wednesday— 2:30pm Falmouth Town Hall next HLLT meeting.

February 28 Wednesday—1:00pm Falmouth Town Hall next HLLT meeting                 


·       December 1st Science Roundtable Update

Jeff Dennis with Maine DEP provided a brief overview of science roundtable discussion that was held on December 1st

·       Public Forum Subcommittee Update

Gretchen Anderson provided a summation of the work to date as well as the proposed March 7 date for the forum to be held at the Windham High School Auditorium, with a March 20 as a backup snow date.

The call-in number for the Town of Falmouth Conference line is (207) 699-5399.