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Public Forum Planning Committee

Committee Members: Chair: Rosie Hartzler, Gretchen Anderson, Kimberly Darling, Chantal Scott, Nancy Lightbody, Donna Chapman

Join your neighbors and friends for the


March 7, 2018  |  7:00 pm 

Windham High School Auditorium
406 Gray Rd, Windham, ME 04062
Presentations by the experts about the situation at Highland Lake will be followed by ample time to interact with the speakers. This is your opportunity to have your questions answered to the many challenging aspects of the picocyanobacteria bloom that has been occurring annually on Highland Lake over the past few years.
Highlights of this public forum include:
  • Wendy Garland (DEP) – will present an overview of the situation at Highland Lake based on her years of experience interacting with the HLA and watershed residents.
  • Dr. Karen Wilson, (Professor at USM ) – will present the science behind the bloom at Highland Lake. Her discussion will help provide understanding of the seriousness of this phenomenon and what might need to be done to get a handle on managing the bloom.  
  • Heather True (Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District) and Gretchen Anderson (Stormwater Compliance Officer for Windham and Gorham)  - in a collaborative presentation will describe Best Management Practices that we can all do on our properties to reduce the phosphorus entering the lake. 
Prior to and following the forum, there will be opportunity for you to consider numerous volunteer opportunities with the HLA in the coming months. Learn what is going on, and to get involved. It’s going to take all of us, as in  “it takes a village” to resolve the “troubled waters” at Highland Lake. 
NOTE:  This program will be live streamed on Channel 7 for those of you who are unable to attend the program.  Also, the forum will be taped for re-broadcast at a later date.   
This event is organized by the Highland Lake Leadership Team; a partnership between the Highland Lake Association, Town of Windham, Town of Falmouth, Maine DEP and the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District.