Highland Lake Watershed Survey Committee Meeting Minutes April 12, 2018

posted May 10, 2018, 9:07 AM by Joseph Bickard

Highland Lake Watershed Survey Committee Meeting

Minutes April 12, 2018


Members present:  Gretchen Anderson, Kimberly Darling, Rosie Hartzler, John MacKinnon, John Maclaine (DEP), Donna Pennoyer, Peter Simonson, Chantal Scott, Keith Williams, Kim White,

Members absent:  Heather True

1.     Approve minutes from March 15th—unanimous


2.     Committee is now renamed the Highland Lake Watershed Management Committee.

3.     VLMP Grant.  HLA will be applying the full $ 1,000 grant as allocated to its portion of the cost of the Survey.  Rosie confirmed both towns are in agreement.   


4.     Update Status of the following:


Mapping:  USM students produced drafts which John reviewed.   Some of the individual properties are bisected between Sector Maps.  John MacKinnon to resolve this.  Expect to be completed within the next 1 to 2 weeks.  John will also add stream layers to Sector Maps. 


Sectors:  Discussed how to approach each sector on survey day.  Teams to start at the shoreline and work back.  Won’t necessarily walk every property.  


Sector 8 includes Little duck pond; a large area and influence on HL.  Divide this area into subsectors to prioritize this area.  Rosie would like this Sector.    


Discussed a plan of action in the event the survey (or a certain Sector) is not complete at the end of the day.  John Maclaine recommended that the tech leader will organize a follow up plan.


Sector pairing:  Decided the day of the survey.



Data base:  Tom Verlee (HLA) has a database organized by streets in the watershed that will be used in mapping and the survey.  Gretchen will follow up with Tom. 


Volunteer list:  Chantal is working on this and has 42 confirmed volunteers, excluding the technical leaders.  Groups include 4/ 5 volunteers plus a tech leader for each Sector.  Chantal to provide the final Volunteer List to Kim White. 


Pre-training/orientation:  John Maclaine to arrange this.  Provide John with the list of the HLA “volunteer leaders”.


Opt-out letter:  Kim W. and Gretchen drafted letter with input from John Maclaine and John Mackinnon.  Gretchen will date and highlight the opt out directions and mail out with the brochure.   (see Attached)


Opt-out list:  Need to provide John Mackinnon/John Maclaine this list on May 15th to coordinate with mapping.


Publicity:  Towns will advertise via media outlets.


Notebooks:  John Maclaine will provide all of the notebooks for the leaders. Extra handouts from the public forum will be included in the volunteer packets/clipboards.


Buffer detection:  Discussed adding a page in each notebook to make a note for later use (both positive sites and those that need attention.)


Watershed management plan:  Heather did not attend but send an email stating that this is a work in progress.  Stay tuned.


Cornerstone church:  HLA to provide a donation for our use on survey day.   Discussed $50- $75.


Next Meeting:  TBD once mapping is complete.