Town of Falmouth $95,000 Grant to benefit Highland Lake

posted Aug 23, 2016, 2:18 PM by Joseph Bickard

The Town of Falmouth proposes to restore 15.5 acres of emergent wetland by removing a 320- foot long gravel road that bisects a freshwater wetland. The proposal also includes preservation of 20 acres of forested upland buffer, invasive species removal, and planting of native trees along Suckfish Brook to enhance the riparian stream corridor. The proposal will preserve approximately 700 ft. of Highland lake shoreline and 2,200 feet of shoreline along Suckfish Brook. These activities will remove sediments and pollutants from the freshwater wetland and improve the water quality of Highland Lake as well as enhance the quality of Suckfish brook, a recognized trout fishery, by preserving and enhancing temperature moderating cover along the brook. This project will ensure that the brook provides high quality habitat, both as a contributor to Highland Lake and as a standalone resource unto itself.