posted Mar 10, 2017, 3:01 PM by Joseph Bickard
LD 359 An Act to Protect Maine Lakes and Ponds from Invasive Species.  
Requires all passive craft on inland waters to display an invasive aquatic species sticker which is to be purchased for a one-time fee of $5.   Fee revenues to be distributed 20% to IF&W, 80% to DEP with $.25 to the selling agent. Revenues to be used only for management and removal of invasive aquatic plants. (Phyllis Ginzler, Bridgton, is the Sponsor)       
IMMEDIATE ACTION: This bill had a Hearing February 28.  A work Session will follow soon.  Now is the time to write the Committee and express your support.  Address your email to Committee Chairs Senator Cyrway and Representative Duchesne and the Distinguished Members of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee c/o Committee Clerk Julia Brown at 
LD 559 An Act to Standardize the Law Concerning Property Transfers and to Protect Water Quality.

Extends to all shoreland zones the present requirement for a licensed Plumbing Inspector to pass on subsurface waste water disposal systems located in coastal shoreland zones when a property is sold. (A Maine Lakes Society Bill, Gary Hilliard is the Sponsor.)   
IMMEDIATE ACTION: Testify on Tuesday, March 7 at 1 pm, 208 Cross Office Building.  Here's a map showing the Cross Office Building and nearby parking garage.  If you can't spare the afternoon, write to the Committee c/o Committee Clerk Diane Steward at  Address Co-Chairs Senator Volk, Representative  Fecteau and Distinguished Members of the Labor, Commerce, Research, and Community Development Committee.  
LD 178 An Act to Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue to Provide Jobs, Improve Road Infrastructure and Protect Maine Resources, Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee, This most important bill would double the amount of money available for NPS Abatement efforts through the 319 Clean Water Act program at DEP.  Creates an in-state match for 319 funds to pay for on-the-ground remediation of gravel roads, ditches and culverts. (A Maine Lakes Society bill; Sponsor: Russell Black, Wilton) We need everyone on this!  Hearing will be late in the Session.