Update from Rosie Hartzler, President - Highland Lake Association

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News from the HLA President, Rosie Hartzler                                                                                                                              November ,  2017

Updates to Highland Lake Association

November 14, 2017


What happened at the Windham Town Council on November 14:

At the November 14 meeting of the Windham Town Council, one major agenda item focused on some revisions to the Surface Water Protection Ordinance specific for the Highland Lake watershed. These revisions are proposed for all development in the water shed that are not subject to subdivision or site plan review. In order to be eligible for a Stormwater and Phosphorus Management Control Permit, a builder must meet or exceed 50 points based on a point schedule as outlined in the proposal. 

For more detail on this point system, go to :  file:///C:/Users/Rosie%20H/Downloads/TC%20packet_surface%20water%20protection_10-27-2017%20(2).pdf

John MacKinnon gave a detailed critique of the proposals – and his comments are available at :



In addition the Town Council decided to delay the approval of the changes to the Surface Water Protection Ordinance, until members of the HLA had opportunity to meet with Windham Town Officials to discuss concerns related to land use ordinances.  This meeting will be scheduled as soon as possible, as the WTC plans to vote on the Surface Water Protection Ordinance on December 12. 


Updates on HLA Committees:

Water Quality

Updated results from 2017

I am including here a chart of results from UNH lab reflecting testing results from this summer season


Highland Lake Data Listing - 2017

Site ID Total

                                                            Phos                Nitrogen          Total Chl    Diss.Color

                                                            Ug/L                 ug/L                 ug/L                 CPU


Deep 0-7.0 meters       2/19/17            8.7                  254                  2.9                   29.3

Deep 18.0 meters        2/19/17            10.9                 337

Deep 0-7.0 meters       3/5/17              8.7                    233                 3.4                   30.2

Deep 18.0 meters        3/5/17              9.7                   308

Deep 0-7.0 meters       5/13/17            7.7                   198                  4.9                   35.3

Deep 19.0 meters        5/13/17            8.0                   255

Deep 0-7.0 meters       6/4/17              14.2                 208                 4.6                   32.8

Deep 18.0 meters        6/4/17              10.6                 390

Deep 0-4.0 meters       6/18/17            8.9                                          2.3                   33.3

Deep 0-5.0 meters       7/1/17              9.3                  422                 2.5                   25.4

Deep 0-5.0 meters       7/1/17              Dup 10.0

Deep 0-5.0 meters       7/16/17            10.2                 475                  4.0                   24.6

Deep 0-5.0 meters       7/16/17            Dup 4.1

Deep 0-4.0 meters       7/22/17            11.6                 375                  4.4                   26.4

Deep 0-5.0 meters       7/30/17            11.0                 406                  10.1                 21.3

Deep 0-5.0 meters       8/5/17              12.8                336                  6.0                   17.7

Deep 18.0 meters        8/5/17              10.4                 441

Deep 0-5.0 meters       8/13/17            14.7                 389                  6.4                   17.7

Deep 0-3.0 meters       8/19/17            11.4                 347                  4.0                   16.8

Deep 0-3.0 meters       8/29/17             9.9                  386                  3.1                   15.9

Deep 0-7.0 meters       9/17/17             8.5                  301                  5.3                   15.7


Note that during the Bloom period (mid July to mid August ), the highest P reading of 14.7 PPB  occurred on 8/13/17

Nitrogen levels as recorded are within the average range for Maine lakes


Science Round table – December 1,2017


NOTE:  This meeting is closed to the public.  The list of participants in this roundtable is listed here. 


Draft schedule for the Roundtable


Morning: “Patterns in Highland Lake”

Coffee, etc provided by HLA


1. Review existing data

2. Review other case studies (i.e., experience from researchers) that might provide hints

Lunch (always important) – provided by HLA


Afternoon: Moving forward


1. Review knowns and unknowns as determined from the morning's discussions [maybe this happens during lunch]

2. Develop working models of what we think might be going on (might be multiple hypotheses)

3. Develop guidance for the surrounding towns/HLA/other partners including:

a. work plan for sampling/analyses to gather data to test hypotheses (Spring/Summer/Fall 2018)

      b. statement of probable causes [??]


List of participants, as of November 1, 2017


Karen Wilson – USM  - Facilitator of the Roundtable

Jeff Dennis – DEP

Keith Williams – HLA  - expected back in Maine by the end of November…

Linda Bacon – DEP

Aria Amerbahman – UMO

Steve Norton – UMO

Pete Countway – Bigelow Labs

Curtis Bohlen – Casco Bay

Holly Ewing – afternoon only, perhaps by Skype

Jim Haney – UNH

Don Kretchmer – Consultant that will contract with HLA to write up summary of the Science Forum and be part of a conversation with the HLA BOD following the roundtable, focused on a summary  and discussion of the major findings from the roundtable. 

Gail Wippelhauser- DMR

Gretchen Anderson – representing Town of Windham

Kimberly Darling – representing Town of Falmouth

Contacted, but have not yet talked to

Jasmine Saros (unlikely, has not returned calls)

Will contact

Jim Pellerin . 


Public Forum

Planning is getting underway for the public forum to be held in February, 2018, subsequent to the Science Roundtable.  The purpose of the public forum will be to inform, educate, and guide policy as the  community and town staff interact with several key speakers tasked with interpreting the major findings from the Science Roundtable. 

Stream sampling

The water quality team met on October 26, and decided that it would be best to wait until after the Science Round table to better determine the focus and parameters for the stream sampling. This does not mean that the HLA does not consider an ongoing an intensive stream sampling program to be very important,  but we want to be clear and focused in terms of how we best utilize resources to gain the information that will be most helpful. 


Watershed Survey

Kim White and Rosie Hartzler, co chairs of this committee are refining the terms of the contract by which the details of the water shed survey will be conducted at HL during the spring of 2018.  There are multiple moving parts in this contract and  we are researching all of our options in order to contain the overall cost to the HLA.


Civic affairs committee


There is a petition currently circulating that is focused on asking citizens in Windham to sign and support the elimination of all high density housing within the Highland lake watershed.


We the citizens of Windham, Maine petition the Town to change all the zoning within the Highland Lake watershed to Farm and Residential (FR) with no cluster housing, MHP Overlay Zones or funnel developments (eg. three or more houses sharing a 25 foot wide right of way to the lake).  Properties that had fully approved permits prior to the start of this change are allowed to continue to even if the current use is outside the FR zone allowances.

The goal of this petition drive is to acquire at least 1200 signatures of registered Windham Voters.  Once this goal is reached and the signatures are verified by the Town Clerk (Windham) the petition is brought before the WTC, who may decide to approve the terms of the petition, or to hold a special election for the town to vote on the petition.  If you would like to help us with this signature drive, please contact Kim White or Rosie Hartzler.  

Appeal to DEP

In addition, the Civic Affairs Committee is continuing to pursue its appeal to the DEP regarding the permit that was issued for the Chase development. 


Moratorium on all development in HL watershed

The Moratorium on all development within the HL watershed has been in effect since September 5, 2017, and at this point will extend for 180 days.  


Highland Lake Leadership Team

Kim White, Dennis Brown, Chantal Scott and Rosie Hartzler have been participating in this team, that is developing its “charge” (organizational document – that will be brought to the next HLA meeting for approval) and also developing its Scope of Work. 


The initial work of a subcommittee with in the Leadership Team includes:

            Review of land use ordinances

Coordination in the planning and implementation of the Science Roundtable and the subsequent Public Forum




Cathy Costa is soliciting volunteers to help her with developing an online newsletter. 



This committee is still being defined




Budget is under review. 


Next Meeting of the BOD – will be scheduled in December to follow the Science Roundtable.  This meeting will be held at a home of a BOD, and will feature, Don Kretchmer as he interacts with the BOD regarding the summary of the Science Roundtable.  Stay tuned for details regarding place and time for this meeting . This meeting promises to be most enlightening and engaging as the BOD learns more about what is going on in Highland Lake.