Grants Awarded to Highland Lake Association

posted Mar 30, 2018, 3:14 PM by Joseph Bickard

The Highland Lake Association has become the recipient of significant grants from the Towns of Falmouth and Windham. 


The Town of Falmouth awarded a $5000 grant to be applied to the extensive and in-depth water quality testing program that will be enacted at Highland Lake this summer.   Nathan Poore, Town Manager for Falmouth, indicated in his letter to the Highland Lake Association, “Thank you again for your continued passion and stewardship.”


The water quality testing program was devised through a collaborative effort that included multiple scientists from DEP, USM, UMO, UNH, Bigelow Labs, and members of the HLA water quality committee.  The testing effort led by Karen Wilson will focus of a variety of factors thought to be major contributors to the bloom that has occurred in Highland Lake for the past 4 seasons. 


In addition to the grant to the HLA from the Town of Falmouth, on Tuesday, March 27, the Windham Town Council approved the grant award of $10,000 to the Highland Lake Association. These funds will be utilized to mitigate high-priority sites on private roads In the Highland Lake watershed as Identified in the Watershed Survey, to be conducted May 19, 2018.


In contrast to the grant that was given by the town of Falmouth, the funds appropriated by the Town of Windham will be utilized as pass-through funds by the HLA.


This funding from the Town of Windham will become available to road associations who demonstrate the ability to provide matching funds (cash and in-kind match funds) toward fixing road issues that are contributing high levels of non-point source pollution (NPS) into Highland Lake.   Thus, the $10,00 award to the HLA, in effect becomes a total of $20,000 to be applied toward mitigating high-priority sites within the Highland Lake Watershed.


A Steering Committee, that will include HLA members, along with community representatives to oversee the allocation of the grant funds. 


The Highland Lake Association thanks the towns of Windham and Falmouth for this clear demonstration of their commitment to protect and revitalize Highland Lake.