Plant Survey at Highland Lake

posted Sep 4, 2019, 12:22 PM by Joseph Bickard

Plant Survey at Highland Lake

Field work for the lake plant survey for Highland Lake was completed on July 19. Dennis Roberge of Lake Stewards of Maine Invasive Plant Patrol, Prof. Karen Wilson's students Paige Mallory, Sarah, and Alayna, assisted. It took nearly 100 people hours over eleven days. We found none of the notorious invasive lake plants such as Eurasian water-milfoil or Hydrilla, but we did note for the first time Nightshade (Bittersweet) (scientific name Solanum dulcamara) intruding into the stream channel water at the north end of the lake. I understand from local gardeners that it is widespread in the wild. Over a quarter century time, I have identified nearly one hundred different species. Until I finish the data analysis, probably late this winter, I won't know the species count for this year, and more importantly, what changes happen over time.

Keith Williams

July 23, 2019

(Photo of Eurasion Milfiol – so