Windham Town Council Enacts Moratorium on certain Development in Highland Lake Watershed

posted Sep 26, 2017, 4:17 PM by Joseph Bickard   [ updated Sep 26, 2017, 4:25 PM ]

At its September 12th meeting, The Windham Town Council enacted a “Moratorium Ordinance on Development within the Highland Lake Watershed.”    The Moratorium will halt any new development in our watershed that has not received final approval for an initial period of 180 days, with extensions available as long as we do our part to implement best management practices. The Moratorium is in direct response to the serious concerns related to the deteriorating water quality in Highland Lake.

The Moratorium is the result of an intense three months of collaborative effort by Highland Lake Association, Highland Lake watershed residents and the towns of Windham and Falmouth in response to the alarming recurrence of a picocyanobacteria bloom for a fourth season in Highland Lake.  The community has determined that a moratorium is necessary to provide the opportunity for the towns to review the town’s current code of ordinances and zoning regulations to determine appropriate modifications or updates that will reduce the environmental impacts of development within the Highland Lake watershed. 

Highland Lake residents responded enthusiastically to this announcement, and also expressed a commitment to renewed efforts within the watershed to implement best management practices that include:  regular maintenance and upgrading of private roads, installing and improving buffers on shoreline properties, regular maintenance to septic systems, and when necessary to upgrade outdated systems.  It should be noted that all these improvements and ongoing maintenance would be permitted under the Moratorium regulations. 

In addition, a copy of the Moratorium is available below.

Highland Lake Association President Rosie Hartzler presented a list of action items that the HLA will focus on during the upcoming year.  For more information, see the post “Action Items for 2017 – 18” 

Joseph Bickard,
Sep 26, 2017, 4:25 PM