Donor/Volunteer Recognition

The HLA is a 100% volunteer organization, primarily dependent on the donations on the financial contributions and work hours of volunteers .

Here is a summary of those individuals and groups who supported the HLA in the year 2021.

Thank You!

Donors in 2021:

Individuals and Families

Meredith and Richard Bachelder

Sally and Tom Bannen

Joe Bickard

Irene and Bruce Bragdon

Emily Brignull

Nancy and Dennis* Brown

Kathy Callnan*

John Capron

Paul Caron

Tom Cattell

Erica Celata

Michelle Cepeda-Ortiz

Joyce and David Collins

Janine and Bob Cook

Emily Coombes

Cydney and Dave Cox

Leona Daniels

Ginger Lawson and Larry Ely

Sandra and Jim Foley

Tara and Derek Fox

Mimi Gray

Steve Gray

Sarah and John Halpin

Tracy and Tim* Hawkins

Betsey and Bruce Hilfrank

Annette and Tom Kern-Haley

Michelle and Alex Kribel

Kelly and Don L'Heureux

Susan Landry

Jesse Leveille

Melanie and Scott Lovell

Kristi and John* MacKinnon

Paul McDermott

Anne and Kevin* McElearney

Catherine and Vic McGrady

* signifies HLA Board Member

Marjorie and David Nadeau

Susan and Paul Nash

Lenore and Daniel Noel

Heather and Josh Plati

The Polito Family

John Doug Reynolds

Jolaine and John Ricci

Mindy and Karen Schwartz

Brenda Slivinsky

Diane and Sam Smiley

Dan Soley

Jessica Swartz

Susan Vanwart

Lois and Tom* VerLee

Laurie and Dante Vespignani

Kim and Ray White

Cecily and Jim Whiting

Louisa and Brett Wickard

Keith Williams*

Lois and John Willis

Diann Wood*

Bruce and Ginny Woodman

Road Associations

Duck Pond RA

HLC (Percy Hawkes RA)

Lowell Farm Road 6 Civic Assn

Pond Villa RA

Pride Farm Improvement Assn

Winslow Common HOA

Gifts in Memory of

In Memory of Walt Tetschner

In Memory of Thema and Richard Bragdon

In Memory of Jean Willson

In Memory of Gordon Gray

In Memory of Nancy Knox

In Memory of Dale Raymond

If we've missed YOUR name, please let us know so we can correct our error!

Volunteers in 2021:


Tom Bannen

Joe Bickard

Dennis Brown*

Kathy Callnan*

Cathy Costa

Bill Flahive

Rosie Hartzler

Mark Kinner*

Ginger Lawson

Nancy Lightbody

Mimi Gray

Tim Hawkins*

Bruce Hilfrank

* signifies HLA Board Member

Melanie Lovell

John MacKinnon*

Kevin McElearney*

David Nadeau

Scott Parolin

Catherine Ruby

Peter Simonson*

Tom VerLee*

Adeline Waters*

Kim White

Ray White

Keith Williams*

Casey Wood

Diann Wood*

Towns, Universities & Agencies:

Town of Falmouth

Ashley Krulik

Town of Windham

Gretchen Anderson

Amanda Lessard

University of Southern Maine

Sharon Mann

Steve Norton

Karen Wilson

Cumberland County Soil Conservation District

Ali Clift

Heather Huntt

Maine Dept of Environmental Protection

Linda Bacon

Jeff Dennis

Amanda Pratt

If we've missed YOUR name, please let us know so we can correct our error!