The Highland Lake Association (HLA) is a registered 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, started in 1989. Our organization is staffed by volunteers from around the lake and is supported by our member dues. 
Our mission is to preserve, enhance, and protect the natural resources of Highland Lake and its watershed. The HLA has established itself as a leader in watershed education and water quality monitoring.  Protecting water quality remains our top priority. The HLA Water Quality Committee monitors lake water quality using recognized standard methods, including analysis of natural and invasive plant species and coordinates additional testing, education, and personnel as warranted. We collaborate with our local partners, the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District, the Towns of Windham, Falmouth and Westbrook as well as USM, UNH and the DEP to improve and maintain the water quality of Highland Lake for the benefit of the residents, the Towns and future generations. The first summer camps appeared around 1900 on Highland Lake, a lake less than 12 miles from Portland, Maine. There are now more than 500 residences around the lake shore and more than 1000 within the watershed. The area around the dam (Duck Pond corner) served as the industrial center to residential settlement dating back to the late 1700s. The site served as a rag mill as well as a lumber mill. HLA is proud to maintain the lake’s history and dedication to pure enjoyment in pure water!  HLA welcomes residents along the shoreline and beyond to join in our efforts to keep Highland Lake at its best! 

Thank you to Julia Ellsworth for allowing us to use some of her beautiful photographs, of the northern side of Highland Lake, throughout our website.

HLA is excited to announce the launch of our new Facebook page.  Join us on Facebook and get to know your lakeside community.  Post a photo, make a comment, keep in touch with your neighbors. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/highlandlakemaine.org/

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Upcoming Events

May 6
 May 13Go Native - Buffer workshop led by Eric Topper, Maine Audubon
5:00-7:00 PM 
 July 16  HLA Annual Meeting


If you have questions about the water quality situation at Highland Lake perhaps this article, by the  Lakes Environmental Association Bridgton, Maine,  will help.  I read this article this morning and found it so helpful in terms of understanding basic lake chemistry.  (Rosie Hartzler, Vice President, HLA)  

Have you ever wanted to know more about what is happening under the ice at Highland Lake?  As the lake is on the verge of icing over, you are invited to learn more about lake dynamics from an article written by our Keith Williams in 2007.
Click here  
Could you let us know what you think?  Do you have questions for Keith?
Have a safe and happy winter on the lake. "

A picture taken by a drone on December 29, facing east at Pride Farm beach.  The pressure ridge formations were very different this year with the temperature swings.  The wind made formations are really interesting as well.

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