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Highland Lake Family Swim

Saturday, July 30 9:00am

The Highland Lake Family Swim (formerly known as the Kid Swim) is scheduled for Saturday, July 30. Rain/wind date is Sunday, July 31. Start time is 9:00 am at the MacKinnon dock on the west side of the lake, directly opposite the Winslow Commons dock. The black and white sail will be hoisted on our yellow and black trimaran to mark the start location. The finish is at the Winslow Commons dock.

Here are the rules:

  1. All swimmers, regardless of age, must have a dedicated spotter. The spotter should be in a kayak, canoe, rowboat, paddleboard or other human powered craft that can be close at hand should the swimmer need help. Power boats can follow behind or beside the pack but should stay well away from swimmers unless there is an emergency.

  2. All swimmers must sign a waiver which will be available at the start dock. Parents/guardians must sign for minors.

  3. When all the swimmers have finished at the Winslow Commons dock, boats will be available for transporting swimmers back to the start. No parking will be available at Winslow Commons.. All participants should arrive at the start by water, as parking will be limited at the MacKinnons.

This is not a race but if you feel the need to compete, knock yourself out. No prizes will be given out. This is a FUN swim. Boogie boards, noodles, life jackets or other types of swim aids are welcome. Any changes to the date or time will be posted here and on Facebook

Thursday July 21, 2022 6:30 PM

  • Keynote Speaker will be from the Maine Warden Service answering your questions on boating, safety and conservation.

  • HLA President Dennis Brown will give us an update on the latest news and efforts around the lake.

  • You'll also get to enjoy a video of our very own Highland Lake eaglet tagging performed by the raptor team at Biodiversity Research Institute in early June.

June 9, 2022

Highland Lake) bald eagle breading pair had another chick in the Spring of 2022. Video of the eaglet banding, measurement and testing by Biodiversity Research Institute team

Join us for some lakeside landscaping tips! We’ll help you learn how to stabilize your yard and shoreline with beautiful Maine native plants to help protect the lake and your property values. Enhance your picturesque views of the water with lake-friendly landscaping.

This workshop was organized by the Highland Lake Leadership Team and supported by the Highland Lake Association.

Presentation here

July 15, 2021

Highland Lake Association annual meeting. Our Keynote Speaker was wildlife biologist Chris DeSorbo, who spoke about Bald Eagle research efforts in Maine (time index 52:44). HLA's President Dennis Brown gave us an update on the latest news and efforts around the lake (time index 03:15). You'll also get to enjoy a history lesson on the Highland Lake Luckson Ski Team that some of the "old timers" may remember back in the 70's (time index 25:08).

Be sure to click the [ ] full screen icon in the lower right hand corner of the video